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‘Wildcat’ at Scottish Parliament for new website launch

30 August, 2015

Strict embargo: not for broadcast before Tuesday 1 September 2015 09:00am---

A new Scottish Wildcat Action website was launched today at the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh.

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National Peatland Plan published

28 August, 2015

A fresh vision for Scotland’s peatlands is outlined in a new plan published today by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).

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SNH: carbon targets achieved five years early but hard work still required

26 August, 2015

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) confirmed today it had achieved major carbon reduction targets five years early – but that challenges lie ahead as the organisation strives to make a full contribution to Low Carbon Scotland

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Nature site set to see action to improve Scots pine woodland

25 August, 2015

The most northerly estuary on Scotland's east coast, Loch Fleet National Nature Reserve (NNR) is set for work aimed at conserving and enhancing its native Scots pine woodland.

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